The Google Analytics Cool Squad Increases Membership

As two relatively recent additions to the Click Rain team, Dave Ver Meer and Peder Aadahl brought the news that last week they each received their Google Analytics Certification. Since then, we’ve eaten something sweet each day in celebration, because that’s just how Google Analytics is: super sweet.

When peering into clients' Google Analytics accounts, Click Rain’s Interactive Strategist Dave sees the amount of data as an exciting challenge. “It's like I am on a treasure hunt for insights,” he said. Among the various disciplines in the office, Dave sees how anyone on the team, from designers to strategists, can better serve the client with these skills.

“It gives actionable data for opportunities/improvements as well as the ability to know why something is effective, not just that it is, “ said Dave. “A designer will look at a set of data and glean insights someone in another discipline might not, and vice versa.”

Peder, in his second week of being a part of Click Rain’s team of Online Marketing Strategists, has already been highly motivated by the culture here at Click Rain to be proactive in his learning outside of the office. Becoming Google Analytics certified is only his first step in educating himself and staying ahead of the digital world learning curve to better serve his clients.

“The digital world is changing all the time,” explained Peder. “You may not see change as always a good thing, but the only way to better from the change is to understand it.”

As both Dave and Peder join the coolest club here at Click Rain, they each regard the positive work environment highly motivating to bettering themselves. Dave explained how the culture has felt since joining the team in December.  

“Before I started working here and something that just keeps reaffirming itself since I’ve been here is the commitment to continuous improvements to a project after launch to produce better results for our clients," said Dave. "The staff here has a genuine desire to improve their knowledge and share it with others.“

Cheers and congrats to both Dave and Peder! You both deserve the last piece of pie, donut, or brownie. Offer valid this week only.