The Seven Deadly Sins of Instagram

With over 5 million photos uploaded daily to Instagram, it is inevitable that there are going to be some doozies. We've done some unscientific research here, have polled a variety of sources and are proud to finally release the findings. While we didn't hear back from Nate Silver on the statistical accuracy of the results, we are confident that the results are truly representative of the American people. So without further ado, we present to you the seven deadly sins of Instagram.

(Note: The photos below are actual Instagram photos by real offenders. No altering or manipulation has been done in any way.)

1. The Selfie


So you just happened to turn toward the camera, strike a duck face, snap it, upload it to Instagram, drop in a filter, hashtag it, and then caption it "Ugh! Hate the way I look in the morning." Man, you have some bad luck! While Instagram has been a great tool for those of us who have a streak of narcicissm, some people take the selfie too far.

2. Foodstagrams

One shot, yes. Two shots, acceptable. But filling your Instagram stream with picture after picture of everything that goes into your mouth is one of the top offenses in our survey.  We know it's called a feed, but this is going too far. Even worse? Closeups of food that are bad enough in real life, much less when you drop in the Kelvin filter (e.g. oysters, tuna salad, really anything from the ocean).

3. The Bathroom Mirror Money Shot

Taking a picture of yourself in your bathroom is not exactly the most elegant of settings. What's that? You want to show off your six-pack in the mirror? Well, that is an entirely different story. Snap away on that washboard, my friend! 

4. Weather Grab

We know it may be cold where you live, or hot, or humid, or 75 degrees and gorgeous. Congrats. However, the screen grab of the default smartphone weather app tends to rub our respondents the wrong way. Personally, I don't see this one as a major offender, but it has been becoming more of a nuisance as people learn how to do smartphone screengrabs.  

5. Throwback Thursdays

Started by the same dude who came up with Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter and Ladies Night at Dave and Buster's, Throwback Thursday is kind of annoying. If I wanted to see a grainy picture of you in the 7th grade I would….well…I don't want to see a grainy picture of you in the 7th grade.

6. Beach Toes

You may be on a beautiful Caribbean vacation, but the obligatory beach shot of your toes against a background of the Gulf of Mexico is kind of cruel and a tad obnoxious . Also, most respondents in our poll felt toes are kind of gross.

7. The Drink Closeup

Oooh, a closeup of your beer that distorts the PBR neon sign behind it? You must have been an art major. Following the beer shot in a close second is the coffee cup close-up. For some reason a drink, a smartphone, and a five-minute wait before your buddies show up is the perfect recipe for this offender.  

Honorable Mention: Kid Shots