3 Reasons to Use Mobile In Your Online Strategy

We recently had a group of 12-13 year-old girls in the Click Rain office. When asked, “how many of you have a smart phone?” almost every hand went up.

At first, this number was alarming. However, when looking at recent data, close to 99 percent of all Americans report having access to a smart phone or internet-enabled mobile device (over 58 percent of American adults own a smart phone). And we use them. In fact, mobile devices count for 64 percent of the total time spent online.

So what are consumers doing with this constantly accessible, mini computer? For most, they are using it to guide research and influence purchase decisions.

If you are still unsure if mobile is an essential tactic for your business, here are three reasons why businesses need to focus on a “mobile first” strategy.


Traditional and digital media are becoming increasingly intertwined. Eighty one percent of television viewers will use their smart phone while watching TV.

Graphing show how people multi-screen by using more than one device simultaneously.

TV also triggers online searches.  And, since we are all sitting there, watching TV with our phones within easy reach – we start our online discovery there.

The percentage of search occasions that were prompted by television.

Bottom Line: We live in a multi-screen world. A mobile strategy has to be a part of a well-integrated marketing campaign.


recent study from XAd and Telemetrics found that 42 percent of mobile users consider mobile the most important resource in their purchase process.

“Research mode” is more prevalent in certain industries like automotive, entertainment, restaurant and telecom, where consumers are especially savvy.

Statistics on how smartphones are the most common starting place for online activities.

Even Google has hypothesized that the number of mobile queries might pass those from desktop before 2014 is over.

Bottom Line: The amount of consumer research started on a mobile phone only continues to grow. In fact, mobile search is so prevalent that it can no longer be considered merely “second screen.” It is really the first option for consumers in leading industries like entertainment and travel.


While just more than one third of shoppers turn to mobile exclusively, 64 percent complete a purchase offline.

The xAd / Telemetrics study also found:

Mobile shoppers focused on reviews, location/contact info and coupons

  • 53% of mobile shoppers called a business (local number preferred 3 to 1)
  • 65% sought to complete purchases within a day (for entertainment and restaurants, 65% want to complete a purchase within the hour)
  • 64% of conversions happened offline

Bottom Line: Traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses that incorporate a sound mobile strategy into their marketing and sales efforts will see that translate to an increase in offline business.