Trends We’re Watching

1) MySpace is experiencing a bit of a resurgence as of late. And by resurgence, we mean they are no longer losing market share. Don't underestimate the Timberlake factor—nearly everything the guys touches turns to gold. Can MySpace follow that track record?

2) Mobile first responsive design is not really a trend but rather, the future of web design. Hendo gave a nice recap on the topic here.

3) Passbook is a nice little feature of iOS6 that holds amazing promise. Picture yourself dumping all those rewards cards to Qdoba, Chuck E. Cheese, American Airlines, and Toys-R-Us (yes, I have children). The power of the mobile device just got a lot more powerful with Passbook and as more apps become available, our mobile wallet dependence will continue to grow.

4) Mobile health is something we've talked about before, but the trend toward tech-enabled personal health tools is in its infancy. Nike FuelBandFitBitGympact, and MapMyRun are examples of tools for the fitness finatic and are considered the low-hanging fruit of mobile health apps due to their user-driven participation. Said another way, the app is only as good as the user. However, electronic medical record data, prescription info, health history, vital signs (blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, etc.) all hold tremendous applications for mobile health. This will be fun to watch develop.

5) Personal branding is hitting the mainstream. We preach and preach about creating a solid digital footprint—especially to college students looking to make a mark with prospective employers. Facebook recently rolled out the ability for individual users to pay to promote their content posts. Paying to promote your Facebook updates? Sounds like the power of personal branding is starting to take hold.