We Celebrate Birthdays with Paid Time Off

Putting People First

We love celebrating team members at Click Rain. One way we do this is through Birthday PTO. Yes, you heard that right. Every employee gets an extra day of PTO to use within one week of their birthday. What they do with their eight hours is up to them. Some choose to go on a mini-vacation while others simply relax and recharge. Find out how a few us have celebrated the extra time off and why Birthday PTO is pretty much the best perk ever.

"Birthday PTO is such a fun benefit! It's Click Rain's way of saying, 'take some time for yourself on your special day!' I used mine to go to the Lion King premiere with my girlfriend in the Netherlands!" - Nate Walter, Video Production Strategist
"Birthday PTO is another one of the wonderful benefits we get at Click Rain. I spent the day with family and met up with the Click Rain crew for Happy Hour to celebrate." Lynae Schmidt, Administrative Specialist

"Birthday PTO is seriously the coolest. I had never heard of such a 'holiday' until I started working here. This is just one of the many ways Click Rain lives up to being a people-first digital agency. With the extra day off, my fiancé surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas!" - Tess Hedrick, Content Writer
"I took my family to the Great Plains Zoo (the membership being another nice little Click Rain perk). We had a wonderful afternoon that, without the prompting of the Birthday PTO benefit, I’d probably never have planned on my own. It’s great to work at a place that recognizes the importance of family." - Mark Drzycimski, Senior Developer

"I love it because my birthday is the day after New Years, so my family was able to extend our Florida vacation and soak up some extra sun!" - Drew Nolan, Marketing Engineer
"My birthday PTO was 100% self care all day long. It included a delicious breakfast, yoga, a sweet treat, and a date night downtown. Having the day off made my birthday that much more special." - Jodi Stahl, Account Executive