Welcome x2!

We're pretty stoked to announce the addition of TWO new staff members to the Click Rain team! Seriously, it's like we have a case of the Tribbles up in here. Crazy-smart Tribbles who really know how to take a deep-dive into website analytics, that is.

Kylie Dahl

Social Media Strategist Kylie Dahl comes to us from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, where she learned the ins and outs of marketing, and which prepared her for her PR internship at Yelp in the Twin Cities. Kylie is a natural at both social media and the slew of reputation management issues that arise from it. When she's not hard at work on a social campaign, you can usually find Kylie reading '60s beatnik literature, watching "Girls" on HBO, or daydreaming about Italy.

Peder Aadahl

Online Marketing Strategist Peder Aadahl cut his online teeth on the blogosphere, where his blog & podcast, 168 Opportunities, earned him an invitation to speak at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Peder graduated from Northwest with a degree in business administration, and is passionate about helping others find direction and balance in their lives. He's a pretty cool guy, and, in addition to some really impressive analytics reports, enjoys making his own pasta, spending time with his son, and relaxing with a Diet Coke in front of "Downton Abbey".

Want to learn more about these two exceptional individuals? Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming interviews on the Click Rain blog, or, you know, just swing by our office and say "hi".