What makes your website worth visiting?

It's an uncomfortable question, if you ask it seriously and answer it honestly: What makes your website worth visiting?

Because of course it raises with it the underlying issue: Is your website worth visiting?


But seriously, think about it—your website should be worth visiting, right? It has a purpose, or at least it did when you launched it. You had goals—you were so excited! You were going to sell your products, share information that you were really passionate about, advocate for a cause, etc. Which is awesome!

But along the way… something went wrong. There's a disconnect that you still can't identify, or don't have the time to think about. You're busy. The website is out of your hands. It's too late to fix anything. Right?

Wrong (hooray!).

Cracks in the Foundation

So let's talk about that disconnect—the dream that was your website vs. the reality as it exists. What happened?

Think back to the goals you established while your website was still a pleasant daydream. You wanted to sell your products online—but more than that, you wanted to sell a lot of them, and sell them well. More concretely, you wanted to increase sales by 25%—but it's just not happening.

Why isn't your website meeting its goals? I can take a few guesses—and they all have to do with the content on your website:

Budget: The vast majority (90%+) of your website budget went to design and development. Less than 10% (if any) of your budget went to content creation. Don't get me wrong—having a great-looking, high-functioning website is important. But it's not 90%+ important.
Strategy: Is there a strategy behind your content? Did you determine a purpose for each and every page on your site? Is it clear what your audience is supposed to do on each and every page? Is there a precise and helpful path for users to follow that will lead to a sale?
Quality: Obviously, your content needs to be high-quality, but it also needs to be web-appropriate. Reader behavior on the web vs. print marketing is fundamentally different, so copy-pasting even the best brochure content onto your website is not going to do you any favors. Did you consider hiring a dedicated web writer? Is your copy optimized for search?
Maintenance: You launched your website in 2006 and it still works well enough. But as a visitor, when I visit a site that says "Last Updated: 7/24/2006" at the bottom, I begin to develop some serious doubts about the credibility and relevance of the information I'm consuming. Chances are, you've just lost my trust—and my sale.

Website that says

The Important Stuff That No One Ever Thinks About (a.k.a. Content)

Okay. Why are people visiting your website? I can guarantee you they're not there to sift through thousands of lines of code or to gaze admiringly at your design scheme.

They are there to consume your content. They are there to find answers to their questions and products for their needs. They are there to watch videos about your cause, to find the hours for your business, to check out current interest rates.

But wait—how much of your website budget (let alone planning time) went to content creation?

And there's the disconnect.

I Can't Get No Satisfac—OH WAIT YES I CAN

Like I said earlier, it's not too late to fix things. It's not too late to make your website worth visiting with content that will engage your audience and shift your goals from a dream to reality.

If you're not ready for a new website just yet, your current site content can still be optimized. Copy can be rewritten. Updated photos can be taken. And a full content strategy can be implemented.

Make your website worth visiting again and again by giving your customers exactly what they're looking for in a format that is usable and useful. Stop by or send us a note and we'll help you start thinking about what content can do for you.