Why Sonos Wireless Needs List Segmentation

I love music. Not only am I a musician, but I also enjoy listening to and collecting all sorts of different genres of music. I love having easy access to listen to my collection, especially during this time of the year (as I'm one of those crazy people who likes listening to Christmas music non-stop). Enter the Sonos wireless music system into the Click Rain office a few months ago. Of course, as we tend to do, we start wanting these things for ourselves, especially after getting to use and experience them firsthand.

So, naturally, when I had the opportunity to get myself a Sonos system, I bit the bullet and did it. Firstly, I couldn't be happier with the product*. However, I take some issue with their marketing. There are some gaping opportunities they have to market smarter that they seem to be missing:

Site Remarketing

Sonos is already doing this. In fact, they hit me hard when I was browsing the site and considering purchasing the first time around. However, even after I purchased one of their products through the site's ecommerce store, I was still served banner ads after leaving the site. This wouldn't be a bad thing if they were trying to up-sell me on a different product. But they were advertising the product I already owned. A couple weeks later they finally started serving me ads for a different product, which was a much smarter remarketing strategy, but it sure took a while, and I wasn't in a position to spend any more money at that point, especially on the most expensive product in the system, which is what they were serving to me at the time.

Email List Segmentation

Now, it's two weeks before Christmas and Sonos is sending out an email to people on their list. Good move. Here's the problem: they are, again, trying to sell me something I already have. I'm presented with a beautifully designed email and an enticing offer that stood out to me: Save $49.

Email from Sonos

I immediately thought that I could possibly get $49 off another one of the wireless speakers. Not the case, you have to buy one of the speakers in order to get a free Bridge (the product you need to bridge your wireless network with the Sonos sub-network).

I already have the Bridge. Why would I want another one? Why didn't Sonos put me in a bucket based on what products I owned (I registered them) and send me an email with $75 off one of the wireless speakers (I could use another one of those, not another Bridge). I might have done it. I would have passed the email on to family, for sure.

Sonos will always be hailed as the king of sonic merriment both in our office and in my home, but if they want to sell more products, particularly to existing customers like me, they're going to need to make their marketing as brilliant as their products. Their product is one that can foster multiple sales over the customer's lifetime. They should make it enticing for us to keep buying.

*Neither Click Rain nor myself have any type of affiliation or connection with Sonos, besides the fact that they make our ears so much happier and our workdays go by so much faster.