5 Must-know Tips for Writing to a Niche Audience

Niche is a fancy word for a specialized area of a certain product, service, or industry. Think of it as a subset that lives under the parent umbrella of a more well-known area. Niches can branch off into interesting and unusual areas, often overlapping multiple industry areas to create a brand new offering or service.

A niche audience is not your mainstream audience—they know their stuff about their little nook and cranny of the industry—often in addition to understanding the overarching industry they live in. These are offshoot experts, who know their area better than anyone else, and can tell when you know what you’re writing about (and can immediately spot when you don’t).

Here are our tips for writing to a niche audience:

Did you know?

Method writers become their audience—including dressing or living the part—to learn how to better write to them.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

How do you approach something you don’t know? You research! Begin at the beginning and learn everything you can about the niche audience and industry they live in. Find out what makes them different. Differentiation will help you focus your writing to their specific situations. How do you talk to a neurosurgeon? A truck driver? A financial advisor? What situations do they face and what are their days like? Enter your audience’s world and live in their shoes as much as possible.

Tip #2: Interview Industry Experts

An excellent way to learn quickly is to interview other industry experts. Find the people who are already in the niche, who know the ins and outs of their area. Talking directly to someone who lives it everyday saves you time with research.

If you can find who you want to talk to directly, go interview them. Ask them questions—and listen to how they speak and what they talk about. Visit them in their daily environment if possible. Technical industry details are learned more easily from an individual than from other formats of learning.

Tip #3: Read Industry Leaders or Companies

Can’t interview an industry expert? The next best thing is finding niche industry leaders or companies online and reading everything you can possibly consume from them. Absorb facts and data, which are important, but more vital is opening your ears to how they speak and what pain points and joys they face. Learning facts is the easy part.

The harder part is feeling your audience’s emotions and personal intricacies so your writing relates on a personal level. An emotion is what makes people listen, not numbers or facts. Empathy and observation is key to relating to your niche audience. Only then can you write pinpointed messaging that resonates.

Did you know?

Writing for a niche audience gives you an opportunity to rank for long-tail SEO keywords.

Tip #4: Learn Industry Jargon

You can’t get away from it. Every industry has their “speak”. You know, those little gem words that only those in the industry know. Sometimes they are acronyms, sometimes phrases or terms. And there is no quick way to learn these. It takes time.

And don’t try just dropping these words in your writing without fully understanding them. Those in the industry will see right through your lack of knowledge if you aren’t using them correctly. Take time to learn jargon to improve your credibility with your reader, as they will be less open to your message entirely if you don’t know how to speak their language.

Tip #5: Have an Industry Expert Review

Don’t fake it until you make it. Unless you have an extended tolerance for learning by trial and error. In our experience, you either need to interview an expert and write it yourself—or write it the best you can on your own and then have an industry expert review your writing for accuracy. While it’s ideal to have an industry expert who writes well, this often isn’t the case—so companies need to pair up a marketing writer and industry expert to create pieces that are clear and helpful.

Final Thoughts

Appealing to your niche audience with your writing takes work, that’s for sure. While there are a few tricks of the trade to learn industry-specific information faster, there is no substitute for an insatiable appetite for learning about others. This includes caring about audience individuals and having sincere interest for improving their lives with your writing pieces.

If you strive to understand and listen to your audience, rather than simply talking one-way to them, true relationships begin forming through your writing. Emulating trust, guidance, and knowledge, you can inspire your audience to connect. And sincere connections are the best types of partnerships to grow, both in business and life.

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