Video Production Services

Engagement is what Click Rain video brings to the table. Every day we wake up to tell the best stories—your stories. Our high-impact visual storytelling changes audience perception, evokes emotion, and influences action.

Our video production capabilities are scalable to meet the demands of projects large and small. Plus, our expert MarTech team brings invaluable digital distribution skills to the table. With our help crafting your digital launch, we will find your video's audience.

— Specialties Include —


The sky is not the limit for us. It’s just the beginning. Soar with our licensed, legal video experts and state-of-the-art drones. Expansive and awe-inspiring scenes come to life with the dramatic beauty of overhead views. It’s time to make your video engagement go through the stratosphere.

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Travel & Tourism

Let us create a world like none other. From getaways and adventures to relaxation and nature’s beauty, we’ve got the goods to showcase your property or destination to make your customers click “Book Now”!

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Your company is important. Let us help you tell your story, no matter what you do. Impress audiences with a true, engaging visual display of your vision, product, services, and people. It’s time to make your company mission shine.

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Health Care

Heart is the center of every message we create, and it’s what you provide in health care. Touch lives and improve your organization’s reputation with emotion and a sensitive approach to storytelling. Fall in love with the feelings we’ll craft.

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Higher Education

Reach the digital audience of incoming students. Meet them where they are at with inspiring and educational videos that make them confident in their choice. From the classroom to the football field, we’ll make your institution rise to the top of the list.

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Crafted to fit your brand, a Click Rain video production is tailor-made to deliver the results you need.

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