Making sense of the data so you can run your business.

"Is my marketing working?"

It’s a common question—and one that insights can answer. Insights are the variables hidden amongst your data, just waiting to tell the story that matters for your business. They’re the deeper understanding of what’s happening on your website and why.

Click Rain’s digital experts will help uncover those answers—the insights within your data—and turn them into actions that meet business goals.


Reporting & Analytics

Before insights come the context: the patterns and trends that reveal your marketing performance. In other words: reporting and analytics. We’ll start by pulling reports on your existing media metrics, email marketing, sales revenue, and more, organizing those findings into informative summaries. Then, our analytics break down those summaries into the variables that explain your efforts, and how they can be used or changed to make actionable business decisions.

Audience Definition

Your audiences are one of the most important aspects of any marketing effort. The more you define who your users are, the better you can serve them. Our team specializes in audience research and persona development, helping you understand your people and say all of the things. Breaking audiences down into personas defines each one as an individual so you can speak to them more directly. As a result, your audiences find you more relatable and are more likely to convert.

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Data Visualization

More data is available today than ever before—which means there’s more to make sense of. Bring yours to life with data visualization. Taking business intelligence one step further, we use data analysis, dashboards, automated reports, and more to show you the right data in the right way. From there you can share it with your employees, executives, and stakeholders. With everyone on the same page, you can continue your business’s story toward success.

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