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We’ll help you direct your digital efforts toward success using the right strategy, messaging, and tactics that suit your business. We’ll strongly rely on data to guide our solutions, but we’re not here to take over: you’re an expert in your industry, and we take the term “partnership” very seriously. Let’s work together to bring your business goals and ideas to life.


Email Marketing

It’s the solution to needing smart, effective engagement with your customers. Email marketing is one of the highest ROI-generating marketing channels—when used the right way. Our expert team ensures your email list is full of actively engaged subscribers, learning their locations, interests, and more to create relevant and personalized emails. Then, we integrate email platforms with websites and run ads that coordinate with email sends. With each one, we’re learning more about your subscriber database and how to meet their needs.

Local Marketing

A smart local marketing strategy gets your business before the eyes of more regional customers who are searching for your products or services. From local listing management and online reviews, to localized media and paid search campaigns, Click Rain has a solution for your business.

Marketing Automation

Move prospective customers to closed deals and brand evangelists with relevant messaging. Automation platforms allow us to send relevant content based on where your subscribers are in their customer journey. The increased relevancy and targeted messaging increases ROI and email engagement—helping you reach higher goals in fewer steps. And, as an added bonus, marketing automation can help relieve your team from routine tasks.

Campaign Planning & Strategy

Every campaign needs a good strategy to succeed. First, we’ll take a holistic look at your marketing efforts, goals, and budget. We then work with your team to provide the best solutions to reach your customers and move the needle for your business. Our team customizes plans—from simple to intricate—that are easily explainable to all members of your organization. We know what metrics matter and what data we need to see, and we pair it with real-time reporting to showcase our results.

Media Placement

Generate awareness and get results with your key audiences. Using various forms of media placement, we’ll craft data-backed strategies that help move your consumers through each phase of their journeys.

Paid Search Marketing

We’re well-versed in the bidding strategies, dynamic keywords, and location-based campaigns that make paid search marketing so effective. With an optimized paid search strategy, your business can reach its conversion goals.

Programmatic Advertising

Based on an ever-learning algorithm, programmatic ads ensure the right ad shows to the right customer at the right time. We get greater insights to your audiences, and you get conversions.

Social Media Ads

Social networks offer an array of targeting options to provide relevant messaging and creative to current or prospective customers. Our team members hold certification in Facebook Media Buying and know how to use niche targeting to get the most out of your media dollars.

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best website won’t stand a chance against search engines—like Google—if it isn’t developed correctly. After an initial audit, we’ll know where there might be gaps in your site and create ongoing strategies to achieve (and then keep) higher search rankings. Using best practices like structured data, solid strategy, and more, we’ll make sure your customers can find you in search.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts drive more customers to convert—without putting more media dollars behind your campaigns. We test things like form field lengths, button colors, messaging, and more, strengthening any feature that can increase your website’s conversion rate.

Reporting & Analytics

We connect your business goals to your marketing technology data. Our reports pull in real-time data and are built to provide you a resource to quickly answer, “how are our marketing efforts performing?”

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